…and spark something remarkable!

BOLD is driven by a desire to be an agency that we believe can truly change lives. To do this, we need big thinkers, tiny tinkerers, dreamers, and believers. We want to work with passionate and inspired scientists and creatives to help us change the face of medical communications.

Together, let’s blaze your path

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Career development

The possibilities are limitless, if you have a career path in mind, talk to us. We’ve created a home for a growth state of mind. Shape your career your way.

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Growth opportunities

From day one you will notice a different culture here. Exciting opportunities are around every corner and no two days are the same.  We are constantly on the search for the next innovation and push for delivering what others say can’t be done.

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Professional development

Our staff are world class – constantly innovating and inspiring each other. To allow everyone to flourish and learn new things, we have a full program of professional development activities. In addition, we want to know what you want to know! If you would like to learn a new skill that can make our agency even better – tell us and we’ll make it happen!

We’re passionate about people.

 We’ll support you with your social, physical, mental and financial
wellbeing through a range of industry-leading activities

and rewards

We believe that hard work should be acknowledged. So, in addition to a competitive salary and generous pension, we reward excellent performance and team members who go above and beyond.

Company culture

We are one team! We believe a great place to work is created by happy employees who feel cared for and invested in the company they work for. We have a strong set of values that run through the business and apply to all aspects of what we do – welcome to work the way it should be! 

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Flexible working

We believe all team members are entitled to a healthy work-life balance and enable fully flexible working to ensure you can achieve a working pattern that suits you. We value outputs, not time clocked up.

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We are a people company and we care about our staff.  In addition to our generous annual leave allowance and fully flexible working pattern, we have a huge list of benefits from free exercise classes, to company socials and team days out!  

Leave your mark

We are hiring experienced scientific staff in the UK and the US

Advanced degree i.e. PhD, PharmD or MD are preferred but MSc and writing performance track record and capabilities will also be considered. Positions available across commercial, medical affairs, and publications accounts. Please specify your therapeutic areas of expertise. Ideally 1–5+ years experience.

We are hiring experienced client services in the UK and the US

Advanced degree preferred, project management performance track record and strategic capabilities will also be considered. Commercial or medical affairs experience is desirable. Ideally 1–5+ years experience.

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